Textil-Entwicklungs-Studio D.N.S. ,Development Never Stops,Innovatives CottonShell®-Material ,CottonShell®,Extralangstapelfasern, höchstmögliche Dichte, Allwettergewebe, CottonShell®, Organic, Cotton, Organic Cotton, zurich, Switzerland, waterproof, waterrepellent, TRANSPARENCY, Journey, fabrication, journal,CottonShell® embraces these outstanding properties. New methods and technologies help to transform the fabric into a modern, contemporary and ecologically sustainable interpretation of protective outerwear, To manufacture Cottonshell pure fabrics, a special method is used to weave long staple cotton fibre at an unusually high thread density. When exposed to water, the usually yarn-died fibre swells slightly and condenses the fabric to make it waterproof up to 800mm while remaining highly permeable to water vapour. These characteristics provide an excellent protection against wind and weather and make the material the perfect companion on rainy days in the city, at the sea or in the mountains, This seam sealing tape was developed exclusively for CottonShell in cooperation with Framis Italia SpA. It enables an additional waterproof seam treatment. We included both, functional as well as aesthetic aspects into our development and made all CottonShell Tapes available from original outer fabric, as well,Cotton Shell fluorcabon free DWR, as a wind and weather protection material for rainy days, CottonShell follows the philosophy of the so-called “application-oriented engineering”. As a logical consequence, the production of the weave foregoes the use of chemicals containing fluorocarbons to enhance the water-repellent surface treatment DWR / durable water-repellancy, JECKYBENG, go shit in the woods, URBAN OUTDOOR BRAND, BAVARIA,

About CottonShell

CottonShell was founded by a team of functional garment aficionados in Switzerland. It was not only the love for functional garments that brought us together, but also our common believe that making things noticeably different will eventually change the way people perceive the garments they wear every day.

Cotton is a natural material with tremendous characteristics and a potential that we believe has by far not yet been fully realised. We have created CottonShell to explore that potential and create products that people love because using them gives them a good feeling.

Garments made from CottonShell materials are water- and windproof while at the same time offering a natural breathability that is beyond anything a laminated fabric with comparable waterproofness can offer. That makes a noticeable difference for the wearer every day.

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